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1.Now to Start Entries click on "TRIP"  

On Trip Entry page you need to fill all specific detail regarding the Trip. 

2. In the "Basic Details Tab" first you need to select GR Nature for the Trip.
     (A) Own GR                       OR                        (B).Market Gr

    *After that Enter the Customer name.
     You can enter the new Customer by using the "Add New Customer" Option.

3. Simply Add You New Customer's GST no. and it Automatically fill all details in the Form.
     After Addition for New Customer Fill the Basic details. Carefully tick if same party is also Consignor,                     Consignee or shipping party as well. 

4. Now "Customer Freight" Tab in which all the Details for the Freight are to be filled by you.
     just click on Add Freight and enter the details in form shown on right side.

4.1 You can Enter the Multiple Freight Charges by selecting them one by one.

5. Before invoice you are required to fill Basic GR Details in "GR Details" Tab.
   * GR no. will automatically fill same as you enter or Select in Basic Detail Tab. 

6. For invoicing just click on "Add New Invoice" a form will display for such purpose.
*All the Field in such Form is Customizable as per requirement. 

6.1 Multiple Invoice.
   *You can Add Multiple Invoice on Single GR by Filing the invoice detail and save it for every new entry. 

7. At last in "Other Details" Tab you can Add All those detail which are required by you.
    *As Self Customization option is available for you 

    And in last you can save it.

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