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Purchase Order

A purchase order (PO) is issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for any spare part or parts.

  1. To create New Purchase Order user can click on this Batten and a form will appear, user can enter the details of purchase order and save it.
  2. These boxes shows the count of the purchase order as per its current status. As in first stage a PO is created which shown as OPEN, the second stage is Approved from any superior, after approval order need to Received and at the end order will Closed. The Total of the count will shown in ALL Tab.{ to approve or receive any Order the user and the superior can update the status from (5) Action batten.}
  3. Once a order received it need to be closed and the articles which are purchased required to add in the stock with details. To the same in the stock user need to click on "+Invoice" and a form will appear enter the detail of true purchase and save. This will update in the current stock.
  4. The user can search the detail of any purchase order with the help of the filters of Date, Service Vendor, Purchase Order No and vehicles Number.
  5. The Report will be shown with all the details such as Purchase Order No, Date, Vendor, Vehicle No, Net Total, Status. In the End Action battens can be user to update the purchase order status or for Print.
  6. The user can take Print of the Report by clicking on the "PRINT' Batten. 

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