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Tyre Purchase

When ever user purchase tyre it need to record in Fleetable on Tyre Purchase Page.

  1. The user can enter the tyre purchase invoice by clicking on +Add New Tyre Invoice. The import for the same is also available, user can import the invoice date through excel too. The user can take Print of the detail as well.
  2. The Advance Tyre Invoice search can be use for the search details with the help of the filters. Date Range, vendor, Invoice No. and Purchase order no. are the filter which can be use to filter and get the required information about the Tyre purchase.
  3. Tyre Purchase Report shows the informational report for the tyre purchased and update by the user in the Fleetable. Here the Invoice No.is shown which is also clickable. By clicking on Invoice No. the invoice which was entered by the user can be seen. 
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