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Company Creation

                                                      New Companies can be Created for operational Work.

The Switch To Butten is available on every page from where you can switch to other module , user management and Admin Desk etc.

 Select the "Admin Desk" option from Switch To. 

Select the "Company" option from Menu and Click on the "Add New Company" to cerate new company.

A Form will arrived. Fill the Detail and Select the the Category

Choose the Company category carefully  :
Own Company
: If the user is creating any company which is owned and Principal company for the operations. 
Market Vehicle Company : for the company which supplies Vehicles.
Supplier Inward : for the companies which give their load to us.
Supplier Outward : for the companies to whom we give our load.
Consignor : for the companies which are our consignors.
Consignee : for the companies which are our Consignee
Billing Party : for the companies which are our client or to whom we bill.

And save it by Click "SAVE" button on Bottom

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